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No investigation too large or small. General Investigations is a term meant to be all encompassing. Consider it anything not specifically listed on the "Services" section. If you don't see your type of investigation in our services, have no fear, we offer much more than is listed here. Just give us a ring.


Defendants, witnesses and all parties involved. The first thing you should know about witnesses is THEY LIE. It's fact. Witness interviews are probably one of the most important factors when determining the "who, what, where, when, why and how" of any investigation be it criminal or otherwise. Only professional investigators should attempt to draw the answers out of witnesses and follow up on witness leads. Let us talk to them, gauge their honesty, document our findings, follow up on leads and report the answers directly to you.


Tired of your personal info online for all to see? So are we. That is why we have devised an incredible way of helping you (and ourselves) delete some of our internet footprint. If you grow tired of ANYONE having access to where you live and work, your email and phone number, what vehicle(s) you drive, what social media you use, your internet habits, etc. then we can help. We are as tired as you of receiving unsolicited email, snail mail, and phone calls. We are all too busy to worry about the possibility of someone getting our information and using it to open fake profiles or worse, a bank account or credit card in our name. Identity theft is on the rise considering how "accessible" we all are in the information age. We can help lessen your chances of becoming a victim. The results are incredible. Learn more on our internet privacy page


Let's look at the big picture.   What's the sum? That's exactly what we do. We look at the big picture. With many, many years of dealing with criminal behavior from a law enforcement standpoint, we have a unique perspective on the defense angle. Not only are we fluent in statutes and laws, we also understand what makes a great police report - and what makes one, "not so great." Let us comb through your discovery in order to find things that may be out of the ordinary or even a question of lawfulness. Aside from that, we will draft your subpoena, locate that tough-to-find witness, interview them and serve them. We are your one-stop for your criminal investigative needs. Our record speaks for itself. Attorney references are available upon special request.


Let an unbiased third party analyze the situation. Time and time again, some employees take advantage of their employers in order to gain pleasure or profit. Let us keep the facts straight and the liability low. We will help you get to the bottom of theft, embezzlement, fraud, sexual misconduct or anything else that is keeping your business or workplace from running smoothly. We want to help you get it wrapped up quickly so everyone can get back to work and be a cohesive, happy, profitable team.


Save your corporate dollars with proof of fraud. We have thousands of hours of surveillance and insurance fraud experience and we know what we are doing. Hire us and you will get excellent video documentation and stellar reports due to you within 24 hours from our last hour worked. If you want shaky, unusable, video without a time/date stamp and a loud "investigator," look elsewhere. If not, then contact us.


Five-star checks.   No stone unturned. Some investigators think that online checks give them all they need. We don't believe that nonsense. We perform the record check you pay for - at the courthouse - AND online. We will assist in finding things out about people that you will wish you knew before you rent to, hire or date them. Let us be your guiding light to find out if there is a dark past.


Where did they go?   We'll let you know. Locating missing people is our thing. We find those folks that maybe, don't want to be found. Our specialized tools and techniques are those they write movies about. Chances are, if you're reading this, you've already done some research to try and find them. Perhaps you've even paid for information through a site promising the full moon and delivering only a waning crescent - or perhaps, even a new moon (totally dark). Anyway, we are very good at it and have been doing it for a long time. Give us a go.


Up to 3 tries per paper.   Bulk rates. Not only do we serve them, we file them in their respective court and give you the stamped copy. Of course, not everyone wants to be served am I right? Please refer to our "LOCATE/MISSING PERSONS" section. That said, we have some proprietary tricks up our sleeves. The respondent will be like: "how did you... Awwww man!" Or something to that effect.


The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. We have a great many hours of expert witness testimony under our belts. We don't even get nervous anymore. We like it. We eat cross examination for breakfast and wash it down with a glass of "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" All jokes aside, we investigate to find the truth and report the same when under oath or not under oath - in a calm, unbiased, matter-of-fact manner. We've done the work, let us tell the court where it led us and hopefully, exonerate you or your defendant.


Urban, Rural, Mobile, Rain or Shine. In a van, on the ground, in a tree, on a plane, under a rug... Well, maybe not under a rug but, just about anywhere else you could imagine - we've been there. We have thousands of hours of experience. Surveillance is not just surveillance to us, it is an art. Let us get them on video and help substantiate your case to the people that need to see it. Our video techniques coupled with our easy to read, systematic reports are as industry professional as it gets.


Let the professionals do the work. Let us help you find out or verify what you already may be aware of. Kansas is a "no fault" state which may prevent assets being disseminated based solely on infidelity. However, if your partner is indeed being unfaithful there are other things to worry about such as diseases and possibly you or your family's security. We will devise a plan and keep you updated. You will receive any video and photographs as well as a written report detailing our step-by-step surveillance events. If you or a loved one are being abused physically or sexually, please visit our home page at the bottom entitled "Victim Resources." There, you can find many resources to help you and/or your loved one take the next step to recovery.

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